30 Day Veggie Challenge…

20171225_100006 (2)Hello Friends, Family, Foes, and “Felicia’s”,

I am cleaning out my closets. My internal closets that is. I not only want to once and for all release this extra useless weight, I want to do a full overhaul of my internal system. I’m embracing a new place in my life, and that place requires a clean mind, and clean digestive system. Okay, okay seriously.

For the next 30 days I’m going to embark on a Plant based lifestyle journey. The reason I use words like plant-based, lifestyle, and journey, is because it’s very important that we watch our words when it comes to making a permanent change in our lives. Words are the keys to unlock the power of our subconscious mind. In other words, the things you say about yourself, become programmed into your belief system. Therefore I am choosing a plant-based diet, eating only vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, and whole wild grains…sporadically. Avoiding things like refined sugar, white carbs, starches etc. By consuming these foods in a certain way, at certain times, I intend to do a full body recall. Weight “loss” or better yet fat release, isn’t so much about what you do in the gym, but about what you do in the kitchen. (What you put in yo mouth? I’m just saying, quit eatin bad food you little nasty nasty.)

I am making a lifestyle change, not doing a “FAD” diet. I’m making permanent changes to my lifestyle, that will ultimately make me a better, stronger, leaner, sexier version of me. The reason I’ve failed at fad diets, is because I may lose a little weight, then gain it all back then some. Or I go back to bad habits that made me fat in the first place. By changing my life, I’m creating, and accepting habits that I intend to use for the remainder of my life. I want to make subtle, yet permanent changes, that will be in alignment with future self. If I’m going to be going places, and doing things, I need to fuel that body that I’ll have during that time. Not the body that I have today!

Finally this is a journey, meaning I know the final destination, but I’m not sure of the bumps or barriers I’ll face along the way; but this is why I’m here, on http://www.singlemomstuff.blog. Just like we share everything else with one another, I want to share this journey with you as well. I want to tell you what it’s like to go to the gym, with a whiny toddler, after having spent 9 hours in a busy office at work. I want to show you my meals, my snacks, my ugly (cheat days if I ever take any…. probably not). This is a process, and I have to go through it. I want to give this everything I have, because at the end of this, I will have a better version of me, like I said, and I will have proven to myself, that I can do ALL things that I put my mind to.

There is a oneness with you and the creator, and once you accept that oneness, you will understand that you are already accomplished, and GREAT!

-Be the best version of YOU!-


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