Happy New Year… Welcome 2018

This year was truly transformational. I saw so many highs, and had way too many lows. Some tears, but so many more smiles. I told myself that I wanted to become someone new, but really I just wanted to become the woman I always wanted to be….. So I became the realist version of self. I became Bre!

I ended a relationship, or 2. I gained a new friend, and rekindled a few old friendships. I found out that saying NO wasn’t a bad thing, and that saying YES wasn’t always good. In life we have to make choices that serve us best, and not constantly doing the things that only serves others. However, in a strange twist, we still need to be able to serve others in order to be the best versions of self. Trust me, you’ll learn how to do this too.

Finally, what I found most important was that loving me isn’t a bad thing. I love every inch of my body, bumps, bruises, curves, and dimples. I love how brilliant and expansive my mind is. Most of all, I love that I have so much Love for all of Gods creatures, and I don’t have to change who I am in order to prove that love to others. I am the best version of me now, and I’m only getting better. Thank you 2017 for the lessons you taught me. Thank you for showing me all the ugly things I needed to see to finally embrace the beauty that was always there. Therefore, 2018 I’m ready for you to embrace me and show me how great my life is going to get from here… Shukran, Gracias, Thank You…. We are about to take off down a road that I’ve been waiting to travel…. Buckle Up!20180101_000156 (1)

(One of us didn’t make it to Midnight… hehehe)

Love Always,


-Being the Best Version of Me!-


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