How May I Help You? Serving through Service….



Hello everyone! (I spout in my fake British accent.) Okay okay, back to the way things were. I’ve missed you all. I’ve missed our conversations, I’ve missed our time alone. Hell, I even missed the little messages some of you would send me after you read a post that really made you smile, or frown. Either way, I’m back….

I had to take a little break to finish a book o’ mine called, Liars Involved, which by the way is being sold on Amazon in paperback, and e-book version for Kindle. I’m working on having it released on other sites and devices soon. Nonetheless, I haven’t been here to talk with you, grow with you, love on you (professionally speaking). So I missed that. However, in my time away I learned some things about myself. I learned that I can’t be super woman and do everything myself, even though sometimes I try. I learned that my son is still too young to cook me dinner, not that he really tried (sigh). I also learned that I subscribe to a particular, let’s say consciousness; and by that I mean, I learned that there are things which I choose to give my time and energy to, and things that I choose to willingly walk away from. This post originally was going to ask what consciousness do you subscribe to, but then something else came to me…. I want to know, how can I serve you?

Let me usher you to your seat so that you can sit down, relax, and embrace this message!

As a solo mom, I secretly hope that someone will magically fall from the sky and ask how can they help me. It would make me feel so good. Whenever I get much needed help, it makes me smile; and whether I accept the help or not, it feels good to know that someone is out here attempting to make my life easier, especially when this road we travel as solo parents can be difficult sometimes. So back when I began this blog, this platform, I knew that I wanted to be someone who offered a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or just an ear to listen to concerns from the “single” (Solo), and co-parents all over the world. It is my passion, my purpose, and my core aim in this life, to be someone who is here to help elevate parents everywhere. However, we as solo parents, don’t always ask for help due to pride, and being plain old stubborn. I learned that I Ain’t Too Proud to Beg now. If I need it in the morning, and sometimes if I need help in the middle of the night. I just ain’t too proud to beg. It just be like that. I digress. (kudos to anyone who picked up on the 90s song reference here. You’re the real champs!)

We have succumb to this notion that we are alone. We walk around like, “no one hears me, no one understands my struggle, no one gets why I feel the way I feel”. Uhhh, Not true! I get it, cause I’ve been there, and some days I still go through an emotional battle that I fight alone. So during my time away, as I was finishing my book, and beginning the process of self promotion, I realized that I NEEDED help. Not the kind of help that gets one put into a straight jacket, more the supportive help; anyway just follow me for a second. Fun fact, I’m not invincible. I can break. As a solo mom I had to go to work from 9-5 all week. Pick up the baby from daycare, pay his tuition, keep my house going, cook clean, workout. It was in this time that I was finishing my book, I self published, getting edits done, and still had to maintain my regular life. I was exhausted, sad, tired, lonely. I felt completely discouraged some days. Although I didn’t find the help I needed right away, I did find it, but it took a little time. That’s okay. Like I said, I didn’t see it at first, then little things started happening. My friends, family, co-workers, and people I didn’t even know started to support my vision, my goals; they supported me.

Success seeks out those who are seeking Success.

While I wanted to initially talk about what do we subscribe to as solo parents, the real message for me was, How can I grow my platform in order to help as many solo and co-parents as possible. I’m not here to make a profit, money is not my purpose. Hell I’d speak to the masses for free if they’d let me. I simply want to give my words away so that I can build up a mother who is living paycheck to paycheck trying to take care of her family. I’m here to motivate a father who is desperately trying to stay in contact with his children, despite having personal difficulties. I’m here to be a vessel of service to connect people to one another, and show them that no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in, we can do this as solo parents. Stop focusing on what you CAN’T do, what the other party ISN’T doing, and start working on what you WANT to do. That’s the real moral here. I want to change the world. I want to make you feel better, I want you to help you improve your life. I want you, to want the best life possible for your family. So I have to do the work to help you do that.

It’s not always going to be easy. We don’t always have the answer or solution, and we aren’t always going to get things right. But if you have the gift of the present moment, you have the gift of another opportunity to change your world. I implore you to build the life you want for yourself, and your children within your mind. Live there, be there, immerse yourself in your successful thinking. Discover your TRUE passion, and pursue your dreams, until they become a reality. Until you truly understand how to do it, then that’s where I come in, to encourage and support you while you work towards your goal.

I’ll end here with this. I’m not perfect, nor am I always right; but I’m doing something. Don’t let the actions, or in-actions of others in your present or past, determine how you act within your own life. I am a solo parent, for now…. But I won’t be forever. So this is a time for me to be a tool of service to others, because I know who I am. I am the person I wish I had when I first became a solo parent. I am the living change I want to see. If you let me be of service to you, I will stand at your door and humbly ask; How may I help You?


-Be the Best Version of YOU!-


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